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How Can Small Businesses and Nonprofits Better Manage Time and Improve Productivity?

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Host of Let’s Talk Biz

There are only 24 hours in a day, and we cannot add time to a day, so we must manage how we are spending our time.  Small business and nonprofit owners spend about a quarter of their time on administrative tasks and a lot of time multi-tasking.  This week, Let’s Talk Biz’s objective is to examine how small businesses and non-profits can better manage time and improve productivity.  So, are there products and/or services that can help increase productivity and better manage time?  Yes, mobile apps and cloud computing.  Despite the increase of mobile devices and cloud computing, business owners are not taking advantage of the technology that provides an opportunity to do more with less.  Yet, business owners want to do more with less.

The JOBS Act: Encouraging Startups, Supporting Small Businesses

Posted by Steven VanRoekel on April 05, 2012 at 04:12 PM EDT

President Barack Obama signs the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act

President Barack Obama signs the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which includes key initiatives the President proposed last fall to help small businesses and startups grow and create jobs, in the Rose Garden of the White House, April 5, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Earlier this week, I was back in my home state of Iowa talking with tech entrepreneurs about the Administration’s progress leveraging technology to innovate with less, improve transparency and efficiency, and better serve the American people. As fellow tech junkies, we spent plenty of time talking about Government’s role in open data, application programming interfaces to Federal systems and more. But we also had a chance to talk more broadly about the vital role start-ups and small businesses play in strengthening our economy, creating jobs, and nurturing innovation. 

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By Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims

We’re so excited to be an ongoing part of The Daily Buzz and Life. Love. Shopping. and we have so much to share with the viewers.  Let’s Talk Biz helps women owned businesses, small businesses, and nonprofits develop strategic alliances with other small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune companies.  Each week we will share new marketing and advertising strategies, new technology, and established products and services.  We will talk about domestic and global markets, current legislation and regulations.  We will showcase products and services, and you’ll see many notable guests with a passion for small businesses and nonprofits.

Before we return next week, we want to share with you some tips and advice to help you overcome the number one problem keeping you from increasing sales: marketing.  So, let’s talk some biz!  What can you do today to increase your sales?  Here are three easy ways to increase sales: performs 1st flower delivery by drone performs 1st flower delivery by drone

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich., April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — conducted the first flower delivery by drone in the United States for Valentine's Day. Further commercial testing of drones has been grounded in the United States pending a legal case, but testing has paved the way for flowers to be delivered by drone around the globe.

"We're in the business of delivering surprises and conveying emotions – not just delivering flowers," said Wesley Berry, CEO of "Technology is ever-changing, and we're having a lot of fun experimenting with alternative flower delivery methods, such as our successful flowers by drone delivery."

On March 6, a U.S. federal judge ruled to legalize the use of drones for commercial purposes, but the Federal Aviation Administration is appealing the ruling. The case is now pending before the National Transportation and Safety Board.

"The good news is that this technology is here to stay," said Berry. "I'm looking forward to using drones for flower deliveries, and positioning the company at the forefront of successfully implementing this technology. Soon we'll be delivering flowers by GPS coordinates instead of addresses." launched a consumer beta program to test alternative delivery methods and other development efforts with a select group of U.S. customers before going to market. The company currently uses traditional delivery methods to serve its customers.

In the business of shipping high quality flowers, is taking action to stay ahead. "Drones are an emerging technology that will provide an economically viable shipping option for our customers," said Berry. "We believe the use of drones will become common practice in the near future."

Watch the U.S. drone flower delivery, which took place Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 in West Bloomfield, Mich., here


Wesley Berry is the CEO of, a multi-million dollar online floral delivery operation. Berry also owns Wesley Berry Flowers, a Detroit-based brick-and-mortar florist established in 1946. is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. The company has also been voted "Best Florist" more than a dozen times. delivers from their own brick and mortar flower shops with their own delivery fleet, and through FedEx and UPS from coast to coast. Deliveries are also made via a computerized sending network of affiliated shops. They provide delivery throughout most of the United States, Canada, and more than 80 countries around the world. Shoppers can conveniently make floral purchases 24 hours a day/7 days a week by phone at 888-851-2881 or online at Like onFacebook.


ACCENT Marketing Survey: Nearly 90 percent of Consumers Say Personalized Interactions with Brands Drive their Purchase Decisions

ACCENT Marketing Survey: Nearly 90 percent of Consumers Say Personalized Interactions with Brands Drive their Purchase Decisions

Interaction Beyond the Point of Purchase Key to Building Brand Advocates

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind., April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — According to new research from ACCENT Marketing Services, the key to repeat customers is personalized communication from brands after purchases. ACCENT Marketing Services LLC, a provider of multi-channel customer engagement solutions, today announced findings from its 2014 Survey "Beyond the Point of Purchase – A Look at Behaviors that Build Brand Loyalists."

ACCENT Marketing's findings align with Forrester's expectations that organizations will explore the power of proactive pre-purchase and post-purchase engagements as a major marketing trend in 2014. Key findings in the report released today also include:

  • Nearly half of consumers interact with brands after a purchase
  • 86 percent of consumers say that it's important to have a positive experience after making a purchase
  • Word of mouth marketing is still critical with 79 percent of consumers telling family and friends when they have had a great experience with a brand
  • 93 percent of consumers claim that a positive response or special offer can help restore the company's reputation after a bad experience
  • Brands can't solely focus on mobile for interaction post-purchase. Only 26 percent have used their phone to contact a company through mobile app with a service question after making a purchase

"As consumers continue to evolve, we are seeing a significant shift in what CMOs are focusing on," said David Norton, EVP Customer Analytics and Insights at MDC Partners and Chairman ACCENT Marketing Services. "Their focus used to be solely on customer acquisition. CMOs today need to spend time to understand and engage customers across the entire lifecycle, not only pre-purchase. What our research has uncovered is that when CMOs consider the entire lifecycle, they can maximize return on investment."

To better understand the habits of today's changing and empowered consumers, ACCENT Marketing surveyed more than 1,000 consumers throughout the United States. The company looked at how consumers prefer to communicate with brands before and after purchases, what drives brand reputation, and the role of the post-purchase brand relationship.

For more on the findings of the 2014 "Beyond the Point of Purchase – A look at Behaviors that Build Brand Loyalists", download the full report at:

About ACCENT Marketing Services, LLC 
ACCENT, a member of the MDC Partners Network, provides multi-channel customer engagement solutions to brands who need to maximize their ability to engage with consumers and influence behavior, while generating a better return on their investment. Founded in 1993, the company's data-driven approach transforms customer service touch points across phone, online and social media channels into powerful relationship and brand-building tools. For more information, visit

SOURCE ACCENT Marketing Services, LLC


Compass Intelligence Ranks “Best in Class” Small Business Portal Experiences

Compass Intelligence Ranks "Best in Class" Small Business Portal Experiences

SAN ANTONIO, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Strategy acceleration firm Compass Intelligence is proud to announce it has released its "Best in Class" Small Business Portal results.  These exciting results are derived from on-going research with small business owners and tracking website capabilities, design and content as part of Compass Intelligence's Customer & Digital Experience research. Companies are assessed in terms of their ability to provide relevant online experiences to Small Businesses, with the focus of the research being small business-specific buying and learning experiences.  Results are based on more than 20 facets of the online engagement process.

"The research shows that while Verizon and AT&T have some of the most comprehensive and intuitive web portals today, providing a strong support and learning environment that is tailored to the small business community is equally important," said Heather Taylor, Customer & Digital Experience Manager at Compass Intelligence. While companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Dell may not provide the sheer number of products and services as the Telco giants in the marketplace, they are clearly strategic in how they position support, community and self-learn website features, and are reaping the benefit of repeat small business customers as a direct result," says Taylor. 

Creating a relevant experience for the small business market continues to be a challenge.  While we are starting to see traction with regard to improved content and solutions geared to this market, the majority of providers that cater to the small business segment tend to focus on the product offering aspect, falling short when it comes to presenting themselves as a custom solution provider and secondly the integration of learn content. Learning and media content not only educate small business customers on how to best utilize the providers' solutions, but also engage them and encourages repeat visits.

To learn more about the report, please click here.

Key Findings Include:

  • Best in Class Experience Overall – Top 5: Verizon, AT&T, Cisco, Microsoft, and Dell
  • Best Practice: Theme-based Simplicity – a clean site experience, which seamlessly weaves in contextual content relevant to the small business segment.
  • Best in Class Help & Support: HP offers an extremely intuitive Help & Support center, which incorporates multiple media types.
  • Best in Class Community: Cisco provides a strong dedicated small business community portal that covers key topics and scenarios relevant to SBs.
  • Best in Class Learn Experience: Microsoft offers lots of learning options and resources to Small Businesses wanting to develop and grow.
  • Best in Class e-Commerce: Dell offers tools to help Small Businesses by providing comparison tables, user ratings and product images.

Want to learn more about the impact of mobile & wireless on your enterprise? Join us at Go Mobile 2014, October 13-15, 2014 at the Omni Mandalay in Las Colinas, Dallas, TX. Click here for more information.

About Compass Intelligence

Compass Intelligence, a market analytics and consulting firm, specializes in strategy acceleration and insights for the high-tech and telecom industries while providing clients tailored services through excellent customer support. Compass Intelligence provides executive insights, market sizing/modeling, competitive analysis, strategic consulting, and expert recommendations on multiple markets. Visit us at  Follow Compass Intelligence on Twitter at @CompassIntel.

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