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Let's Talk Biz addresses small business and nonprofit issues seen weekly on The Daily Buzz and Life Love Shopping Let's Talk Biz helps women owned businesses, small businesses, and nonprofits develop strategic alliances with other small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune companies. Each week we share new marketing and advertising strategies, new technology, and established products and services. We talk about domestic and global markets, current legislation and regulations. We showcase products and services, and you’ll see many notable guests with a passion for small businesses and nonprofits. Hosted by Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, the business segment that leave you saying, “Let’s talk some biz”!

Do Small Business and Nonprofit Trade Associations Have Value?

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts of Let’s Talk Biz

Most people look at trade associations as a great networking tool, but value of trade association exceeds networking.  Small businesses and nonprofits that invest in trade associations can optimize their resources and get a jump on the competition.  This week, Let’s Talk Biz, talked with Molly Brogan, Vice President of Public Affairs for the National Small Business Association (NSBA).   The NSBA is a staunchly nonpartisan organization that reaches more than 150,000 small businesses across the country and is the nation’s first advocacy organization. It will celebrate 75 years of advocacy on behalf of the America’s entrepreneurs.

Congressman Hastings Talks With Let’s Talk Biz About H.R. 9 and Employment Regulation

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts of Let’s Talk Biz

This month Let’s Talk Biz focuses on politics and how the political process impacts small business and non-profits.  Since small and new businesses over the last two decades have been responsible for creating 2 out of every 3 net new jobs, and today the country’s 28 million small firms employ 60 million Americans, half of the private sector workforce; Let’s Talk Biz set out to find out what changes have been made to stream line or eliminate ineffective, overly burdensome, and outdated rules.   We learned more about H.R. 9 – Small Business Tax Act and The Bipartisan Amendment to Defund Harmful Employment Regulations. 

Huffington Post‘s National Bi-partisan Job Initiative: Next week Tampa RNC

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims Hosts, Let’s Talk Biz

All eyes are on Florida next week. The nation is watching to see if the Republican Convention will be held in Tampa or will it be cancelled because of tropical storm Isaac. No matter what happens Isaac has gained media attention and changed the conversation for the convention. Let’s Talk Biz is watching the weather and the convention because our friends at the Huffington Post are planning to kick-off a job solution initiative. A few weeks ago Let’s Talk Biz’s guests, Daniel Koh, Chief of Staff to Arianna Huffington and Lance Gould, Executive Education Editor of the Huffington Post, told you about the Huffington Post’s national Opportunity: What is Working– A Bipartisan Search for Solutions to the Jobs Crisis initiative.

Let’s Talk Biz Talks Small Business and Job Creation with Elected Officials: This Week Congressman John Mica

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts

Let’s Talk Biz’s hosts, Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims this month, August, began a series of bipartisan talks with elected officials to explore what they are doing to support small business and job creation.  This week’s Let’s Talk Biz’s special guest was Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Congressman John Mica of Florida.

Small Businesses and Nonprofits Impact On The U.S. Economy

By Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts of Let's Talk Biz

This month on Let's Talk Biz we are focusing on the impact that small businesses and nonprofits have on the U.S. economy.   You'll want to tune in to hear what our guests have to say about the outlook and the impact of small businesses.  

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