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Let’s Talk Biz Talks Small Business and Job Creation with Elected Officials: This Week Congressman John Mica

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts

Let’s Talk Biz’s hosts, Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims this month, August, began a series of bipartisan talks with elected officials to explore what they are doing to support small business and job creation.  This week’s Let’s Talk Biz’s special guest was Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Congressman John Mica of Florida.

Let’s Talk Biz Examines Strategic Partnerships the Impact on Job Creation and the Political and Economic Impact

On Friday, August 10th, 2012,  Let’s Talk Biz’s hosts  Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims,  talk with Daniel Koh, Chief of Staff to Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post and  Lance Gould, Executive Education Editor about their new national initiative, Opportunity: What Is Working – A Bipartisan Search for Solutions to the Jobs Crisis.

Small Businesses and Nonprofits Impact On The U.S. Economy

By Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts of Let's Talk Biz

This month on Let's Talk Biz we are focusing on the impact that small businesses and nonprofits have on the U.S. economy.   You'll want to tune in to hear what our guests have to say about the outlook and the impact of small businesses.  

Ways Small Businesses And Nonprofits Can Increase Productivity

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts of Let’s Talk Biz

If you are like most small business owners you want to increase your productivity and have more time to do the things you like best.  Well, here are three easy steps that we talked about on Let’s Talk Biz: planning, execution, and service.  Now, let’s take a look at planning.  Do most people have a plan for life or for today?  Yes, but it may not be the right plan.  A good plan is aligned with the laws of success.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan:

How Can Small Businesses and Nonprofits Better Manage Time and Improve Productivity?

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Host of Let’s Talk Biz

There are only 24 hours in a day, and we cannot add time to a day, so we must manage how we are spending our time.  Small business and nonprofit owners spend about a quarter of their time on administrative tasks and a lot of time multi-tasking.  This week, Let’s Talk Biz’s objective is to examine how small businesses and non-profits can better manage time and improve productivity.  So, are there products and/or services that can help increase productivity and better manage time?  Yes, mobile apps and cloud computing.  Despite the increase of mobile devices and cloud computing, business owners are not taking advantage of the technology that provides an opportunity to do more with less.  Yet, business owners want to do more with less.