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Let’s Talk Biz on The Daily Buzz

July 13, 2012

Be sure to tune in next week for Let’s Talk Biz

By Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims

We’re so excited to be an ongoing part of The Daily Buzz and Life. Love. Shopping. and we have so much to share with the viewers.  Let’s Talk Biz helps women owned businesses, small businesses, and nonprofits develop strategic alliances with other small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune companies.  Each week we will share new marketing and advertising strategies, new technology, and established products and services.  We will talk about domestic and global markets, current legislation and regulations.  We will showcase products and services, and you’ll see many notable guests with a passion for small businesses and nonprofits.

Before we return next week, we want to share with you some tips and advice to help you overcome the number one problem keeping you from increasing sales: marketing.  So, let’s talk some biz!  What can you do today to increase your sales?  Here are three easy ways to increase sales: