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Let’s Talk Biz Talks About Increasing Non-profit Holiday Funding on the DBZ

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Let’s Talk Biz on the Daily Buzz helping fund non-profits

Let’s Talk Biz on the Daily Buzz Keeping Your Small Biz Going

Let’s Talk Biz on the Daily Buzz Non-profits and Charitable Giving

Congressman Hastings Talks With Let’s Talk Biz About H.R. 9 and Employment Regulation

By Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts of Let’s Talk Biz

This month Let’s Talk Biz focuses on politics and how the political process impacts small business and non-profits.  Since small and new businesses over the last two decades have been responsible for creating 2 out of every 3 net new jobs, and today the country’s 28 million small firms employ 60 million Americans, half of the private sector workforce; Let’s Talk Biz set out to find out what changes have been made to stream line or eliminate ineffective, overly burdensome, and outdated rules.   We learned more about H.R. 9 – Small Business Tax Act and The Bipartisan Amendment to Defund Harmful Employment Regulations.